About Me

Dott.ssa Patalano Myriam Biologist Nutritionist

Biologist Nutritionist Italy Italian

Nutritionist in Ischia and Rome, Italy

I obtained my classical high school diploma at the “G.Scotti” high school in Ischia (NA), I moved to Naples where I enrolled in the General and Applied Biology degree course at the complex of Monte Sant'Angelo, Federico II University.
After my three-year degree, I enrolled in the Master's Degree course Biology of Nutrition.
I worked for 15 months at the Biochemistry laboratory of the same university, and in July 2015 I obtained a degree in Biology discussing the thesis "Functional characterization of the SmtB protein of the bacterium Thermus thermophili ”. Subsequently I passed the State Examination for the Profession of Biologist at the University of Naples, Federico II, qualifying me for the profession of Nutritional Biologist.

To date, I deal with:

- Nutrition and Sport
- Evaluation of the Alteta
- Body composition analysis with plicometry and bioimpedance measurement
- Study of the athlete's caloric and nutritional needs
- Dietary strategies to support well-being and performance for the race and in the off season
- Malnutrition due to excess and deficiency
- Clinical nutrition (in sports and otherwise)
- Nutrition and Microbiota
- Nutrition in the main female / gender issues.
- Management of intestinal problems in athletes
- Management of IBS and SIBO in women suffering from endometriosis, recurrent cystitis, recurrent candida and fibromyalgia.

Creation of dietary protocols to support sporting performance both on season (pre and post competition) and off season.
Nutritionist of athletes with several podiums and medals won in
- Powerlifting, Bodybuilding
- Motor Sport
- Crossfit
- Marathon, Athletics, Endurance Sports
- Combat sports (Boxing, MMA, Jujutsu)
- Football

In addition to my work in the studio, I have participated as a co-author in the writing of books such as Bodyrecomposition K Secret and Female BodyRecomp, I am a teacher and speaker for the Female Coach Academy (which allows you to request the ASI CONI Technical Card), and I have been a speaker for SLAM, Courses and training, Master in Medicine and Functional Nutrition (SMNF), and other events throughout Italy.

I am currently registered with the National Order of Biologists (AA_075557).