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Dott.ssa Patalano Myriam

Dr. Patalano Myriam Nutritionist Ischia, Procida e Napoli (Italy)

Nutrizionista Ischia

Welcome to Ischia Nutrizione Patalano

I'm Dr. Myriam Patalano, a graduate in biology, and I'm a biologist Nutritionist with study at Ischia, Procida and Naples (Italy).
I work on assessment of nutritional status, food plans customized in physiological and pathological conditions ascertained as obesity, eating disorders, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Dyslipidemia, pregnancy-breastfeeding-menopause, allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases....>>>


Phytic Acid and Phytase

Phytic Acid and Phytase

Phytic acid is a substance contained in foods that limits the absorption of nutrients! We discover some techniques to reduce the presence!

Metabolic Acidosis pH

Metabolic Acidosis pH

Causes, investigations and remedies concerning metabolic acidosis, a pathology that involves an alteration of pH values in the human body


Anti-inflammatory Diet

This is a detailed guide on what to eat in order to help the body fight an inflammatory state through a proper and matched diet


Protein Fit Bounty

Protein Fit Bounty Recipe

The coconut-chocolate couple is a great classic beloved by many, young and old. Here's how to prepare Bounty in Fit and protein version

Black Bean Hummus Recipe

Black Bean Hummus Recipe

The hummus of black beans is an alternative recipe for chickpea hummus! It is a dish rich in vegetable proteins, fibers and antioxidants

chickpeas hummus Recipe

Chickpeas Hummus Recipe

Chickpeas hummus is a medium-eastern cream to be used as an appetizer on bread croutons or as a pinzimonio for a cut of vegetables

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Dr. Patalano Myriam

In the team I deal with Nutrition and functional integration for the modulation and improvement of the response to stress through the health of intestines and microbiota


Dr. Patalano Myriam

Expert in practical nutrition for the sport (sport of power, endurance, mixed, Ironman and MMA), expert in psycho-somatic disorders and borne by the Gastro-intestinal system