Childhood Obesity: Children's Diet

Childhood Obesity

In recent years the proportion of overweight and obesity cases in children and adolescents has increased exponentially. In Italy the region with the highest presence of these cases falls to Campania (36%) while the Valle d'aosta is the region with the least presence.
When it comes to childhood obesity , the main cause, in addition to poor nutrition, is sedentary lifestyle.

As well as the weight gain, due to the sedentary lifestyle associated with diets rich in simple sugars and unhealthy fats, the age in which you risk cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes and tumors is lowered more and more.

It is true that on the one hand technology and wellbeing have brought an improvement in living conditions but on the other hand have created a lifestyle that decreases the moments of physical activity.
Children today prefer to spend their free time on the PC or in front of the TV, they live with boredom the hours of physical education in school and prefer virtual relationships rather than go out and play outdoors with their peers.
Only 3 Italian children out of 10 practice sports activity!! Often it is also the fault of parents who prefer to know their children "safe " on a couch between the 4 home walls rather than in the street with peeled knees.

Tips to fight infant obesity

Two fast tips:

- Avoid giving food as a form of gratification
- When the child is satiated, do not force it to finish the dish

Education from a young age is important.
Food education and physical activity education too

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