Health and Wellness

Women's Training

Women's Training: Risks and Needs

A guide to managing the diet, stress, training and needs of a woman who practices sports paying attention to the risks she can take during athletic preparation

Diet and Training for Ectomorphs

Diet and Training for Ectomorphs

An article to understand the difference between ripped ectomorph and ectomorph skynny fat with the right diet combined with training to improve a skynny fat


Anti-inflammatory Diet

This is a detailed guide on what to eat in order to help the body fight an inflammatory state through a proper and matched diet

Ideal Weight Calculation

Ideal or Fit Weight Calculation

We find out how to calculate the ideal weight of a man or woman making difference between fit and ideal weight, without basing on a simple calculator!

Lose Weight By Eating

Lose Weight By Eating

The body does not go hungry, so eat to lose weight! A practical guide on how to behave at the table and what to eat to lose weight!