Smoothies Recipes

Smoothies Recipes

A way to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables daily is to have a centrifuge and start drinking good and genuine smoothies.
Smoothies are full of many nutrients, excellent for our organism, and prepare them is simple. Important to remember is that smoothies should be drunk just ready so as not to lose the properties of the food present. Unlike the shakes, the smoothies are made exclusively from the juice of the food used (both fruit and vegetables) maintaining the nutritional properties such as vitamins and mineral salts. With regard to the fiber of the food, it is present in lesser quantities than shakes since most of it is in the skin and pulp that will be removed from the centrifuge as waste material.

Here is a list of simple centrifuges to prepare, each chosen according to your needs and taste:

  • Tanning Smoothie

    It's a rich mix of beta carotenes to drink before dedicating to sunbathing. Unite 4 Carrots, a half Mango and half Orange: Shake or centrifuge with a hint of ginger to have a more vibrant and lively flavor!
  • Anti-Hunger Smoothie

    Prepare this smoothie in order to eliminate the hunger that is gripping you during the diet! Take a pink grapefruit, centrifuge it with a green apple and add half papaya. If you can't find papaya use only grapefruit and apple and add a pinch of cinnamon!
  • Refreshing Smoothie

    The simplicity often rewards and this smoothie is among the most thirsty, tasty and naturally sweet of all. Put in the centrifuge 2 apples and 2 ripe pears: Add at the end a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Draining and anti-cellulite Smoothie

    Put the pulp of half grapefruit in the centrifuge with a cucumber (if you want to be sure that it is not too bitter, remove the peel of the cucumber) and 5 leaves of mint fresh. Among the thousand properties of this smoothie do not underestimate the draining one, which will help you to fight cellulite!
  • Diuretic Smoothie

    Sweet and Fresh! Take two slices of watermelon and clean them from peel and seeds. Blend it with a cucumber (which you have removed the inner part more liquid and with the seeds and also the peel), add a pair of leaves of Basil and the juice of half lemon! Serve it with ice cubes!
  • Purifying Smoothie

    Refreshing and Purifying Smoothie, thanks to the properties of the Ananas and the celery! Put in the centrifuge two slices of fresh pineapple, two stalks of celery and an apple.

  • Tasty Smoothie

    The sweetest of all smoothies: there's no sugar but the fruits most loved by women! Put in the centrifuge about a dozen strawberries, a peach and a slice of watermelon: You can use the lime to make it lighter and refreshing, but also without it is really delicious!
  • Quenching Smoothie

    Quenching and purifying properties are two of the characteristics of this smoothie. Put two Kiwi, two stalks of celery and two slices of yellow melon in the centrifuge: Do you want to give an extra spicy pinch? Add a little piece of ginger root!
  • Leg Relief Smoothie

    I's a mix that will give your legs an effective help against the hated capillaries! Put 4 plums in the centrifuge with three tablespoons of raspberries and three of blueberries: Add at the end the juice of half lemon.

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