Fantasy and Taste at the Table


Venus Rice, turkey with curry sauce (natural sojasun and Curry), Mix of vegetables and tomatoes!
The average user... In spite of the fashion and the increase of the interest towards the fitness, the BB, the races... Most of the people attending the gym remain in the category of "gym for recreation/wellbeing/improvement" (and it is just so).
For these people do you need to count macros? Not necessarily!
Is there a need for education? Absolutely!

To make it become a lifestyle you should not bore. Those who enroll in the gym and start a diet just for wellness and see/feel better should not eat always white rice and two green vegetables.... It is normal that after some time it is annoi. Will abandon everything thinking "It is not for me ". It is not a question of having little motivation (or anyway it is not always the reason... Then the heads * * Are there always??).

The problem is that it is often not presented "the Alternative ". Satiety is not just a matter of full stomach or empty stomach. So much food or little food.
Satiety is also sensorial-specific.
What do you need? Variety.
Variety in the choice of food, taste, presentation in the dish, colors, aromas.

Just a little imagination to compose a healthy dish, with few ingredients but "different " and pleasing to the eye and palate.
The professional also serves this... Not only to give macros or grammages but to teach them to choose the alternative.
This is flexibility in a non-agonistic context, for the "Mrs. Maria " for example.
At the end in the picture there is simply rice, turkey and vegetables... But presented in a different way.

If you want to prepare it too, I leave here the recipe Venus Rice with Turkey and Curry room!

Curated by
Dott.ssa Patalano Myriam Biologist Nutritionist

Ischia Nutrizione Patalano