Fibres and Abdominal Swelling: Before and After

Abdominal Swelling


Here's a before and after a while "alternative", between the two photos there are about 8-10 hours of difference.

Detox Diet?
None of that.

The first photo was taken after a stressful day, with little sleep, a lot of anxiety and nervousness and a period of altered composition of the microbiota (there is predisposition, there are those who are more sensitive and who does not).
In this case, in particular, there is a slight fermentative dysbiosis (a debalance of the microbiota in favour of the fermentative bacterial flora).

With this base take fiber such as oats, rye, quinoa, legumes, fruits and certain types of vegetables could give some discomfort, especially if in excess (if we add stress and cortisol we did strike!)

This does not mean that we are allergic or intolerant to a food and that we must eliminate it forever. We are simply in a phase where it is good to reduce certain fibres, adopt a protocol of bacterial repopulation (replacement and Reinoculo) and then proceed to the reintroduction of those foods that cause us that discomfort.

Curated by
Dott.ssa Patalano Myriam Biologist Nutritionist

Ischia Nutrizione Patalano