French Toast Light Recipe

French Toast Light
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When you think about diet and a healthy breakfast, most of the time you think of the classic cup of milk partially skimmed with coffee and the inevitable slices of biscuit with the "veil" of Jam. In fact the alternatives are many (homemade pancakes or panettone, creps, oatmeal, porridge, savoury breakfasts, French toast...), the important thing is to choose real and natural foods, mix them in the right way to get the maximum benefit and, as far as the Quantity, varies in person on the basis of daily energy requirements.
The French Toast are an example of alternative breakfast: Choosing well the ingredients and preparation methods, can be a healthy food while remaining equally tasty! So let's see what we need to prepare our breakfast out of the usual patterns!


(for 1 serving)

- 1 egg or 2 egg whites
- 5mL Milk of your choice (I used coconut milk)
- 1 teaspoon of sugar of your choice (I used coconut sugar) or a sachet of stevia
- A pinch of cocoa powder
- Vanilla flavouring (optional)

French Toast Light Preparation

Beat the egg in a skate and add all the ingredients (vanilla flavouring is optional). Dip the slices of bread you choose, cut in a similar way to the Carré (I used a slice of about 60g of rye bread to the sunflower Seeds of the bakery) and cook in a non-stick pan. Serve and garnish as you like.

Personally for the gasket I like to vary according to the seasonality of the products, here are some examples:

- a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries or red fruits
- Banana cut with slices and kiwi pulp plus a sprinkling of cocoa
- Organic orange marmalade or homemade
- Apple (raw or cooked) with dusting of cinnamon (a combination that I love to do especially in the autumn/winter period).

Nutritional values (for 1 serving): 277Kcal (32C 15P 9F)
If the egg whites are used instead of the whole eggs are 197kcal [32C 15P 1f]

Curated by
Dott.ssa Patalano Myriam Biologist Nutritionist

Ischia Nutrizione Patalano